Online roundtable: Gendered ageism

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07 December 2023

03:00 PM


Older women holding board meeting

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On Thursday 7 December at 3pm, we are providing our members a forum to discuss issues surrounding an EDI topic that doesn’t get the attention or prevalence it deserves.
Sex and age are protected characteristics but gendered ageism, their intersection, can still be a double-whammy discrimination for women in the workplace. Gendered ageism describes the experiences of women who find they are excluded from professional opportunities and their value diminished because of a combination of their gender and their age.
Although women often have to overcome hurdles that men do not throughout their careers and gendered ageism can negatively affect women of all ages, being considered at first too young and then too old, we are particularly interested in discussing the effects on individuals and companies of gendered ageism in terms of older women. The issue will become increasingly acute as people are living and working longer than ever. The number of people over-65 is the fastest growing age group and is expected to double in the next 30 years.
And not only are women more likely to suffer from ageism than men, it can become normalised through organisational cultures and by this intersection being overlooked in EDI polices and initiatives. The issue is also compounded by the pension inequality gap, with the significant economic difference between male and female pensioners meaning more women than ever will need to rely on employment income in the years ahead.
We will not be setting an agenda for this session, that will be up to all of you who take part.
But we think important aspects of gendered ageism include shared and individual personal experiences of being an older woman in the workplace, the wasted potential and productivity by marginalising people who have so much to offer, and what can companies do to reduce gendered ageism and reap the benefits of experienced, talented and dedicated women.
An important aim for the session will be for us to consider and highlight all of your insights alongside some relevant resources in a single document and provide this to all participants so the roundtable is the beginning of the conversation, rather than the end of it.
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