Online roundtable: Real Estate Balance 10 CEO Commitments updates

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19 September 2023

12:00 PM


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We are inviting the 120 CEOs at our member organisations to have a meaningful say on how our 10 CEO Commitments are being updated by taking part in this online roundtable.

The forum will provide them or their nominated colleagues with the perfect opportunity to discuss the proposed updates with each other.

The rationale, we believe, for reconsidering the Commitments now is that a lot has changed in the four years since they were previously updated.

For a start, there has been a significant increase in the number of members of Real Estate Balance and individuals pledging to honour the Commitments, and we want our newer members to have their say!

We have also broadened of our founding focus on gender balance to now include race and ethnicity and social mobility, and best practice when it comes to D&I has also evolved.

Please click here to view the proposed updates to the 10 CEO Commitments. 

If you are part of the senior leadership at our member organisations and would like to participate, please request a place by clicking on the button above.