Real Estate Balance CEO Commitments for Diversity refresh


Real Estate Balance is hosting a virtual roundtable with a group of our senior leaders to refresh the ten CEO Commitments for Diversity on 22nd September 2020 10.30-11.45am.

We feel it’s time to refresh the ten CEO Commitments for Diversity that all our members have signed. Whilst our industry has progressed there is a long way to go and the theme of intersectionality with other minority groups is growing ever stronger. It was three years ago when we first launched them and given all that's happened this year, it feels right to refresh them.

With this in mind, hosting a virtual roundtable on Tuesday 22 September 2020 10.30-11.45am to include some of the original CEO working group as well as some new senior leaders. The idea will be to discuss which remain relevant, which need tweaking, and any crucial additions. Also, views as to what has changed, how we better track progress and adoption within the various layers of management will be helpful.

If you are interested in this event email