An Audience with Ian Marcus


The latest in the popular ‘Audience with…’ series, an 'Audience with Ian Marcus’, was held on Wednesday 10th July in the new offices of Wells Fargo Bank.

The event shone a spotlight on the extensive career of Ian Marcus from his beginnings in the banking industry to the present day as Non-Executive Director, The Crown Estate, Secure Income REIT PLC, Town Centre Securities Plc & Shurgard Self Storage and Senior Advisor to Eastdil Secured and Wells Fargo Securities.

Ian has been active in the real estate industry for nearly 40 years. During the interview, he shared his thoughts and views on how the industry has evolved throughout this period and how continuing change is necessary as we allocate both financial and human capital more appropriately to match the needs of investors, customers and colleagues. “We are not there yet but it’s a much more level playing field”, said Ian.

A recurring theme throughout the interview was how important people are to business and understanding and getting to know people and their motivations is key. “I am not a fan of quotas”, said Ian, “appointments should be made on merit but we need to make sure those on the list are sufficiently diverse”. Ian then went on to talk about the need to open up a career in property to as broad a range of people at as early an age as possible, which is why he feels initiatives such as Pathways to Property are so important.

Ian was fantastically honest about his experiences and the Anti-Semitic discrimination he encountered earlier in his life. He highlighted the need to think of diversity in the broader sense and to bring together the organisations working across this field.

In the Q&A, Ian was asked how to bring the older generation of men on the journey to diversity and inclusion to which Ian answered “We need more male role models like Chris Grigg and Rob Noel, who are willing to stand up and say the right things”.

Fiona Freeman, Managing Director of FTI Consulting, was a knowledgeable interviewer and asked some illuminating and insightful questions.

Guests enjoyed a light breakfast and stunning views over the river at London Bridge. We would like to thank Wells Fargo Bank for their generous hospitality.