Colliers talk about their commitment to social mobility and reflect on Black History Month


Lydia Ings, HR Director, and Ayo Ajayi, Director in Project & Building Consultancy at corporate member, Colliers International talk here about their commitment to diversity and inclusion. 


Social Mobility
Lydia Ings, HR Director, Colliers International

It is no secret that the real estate industry is deeply lacking in diversity. The property sector has become synonymous with white men from elite backgrounds doing deals on golf courses, at rugby matches, or on the ski-slope. Our industry needs to do more to change the face of the property sector and encourage people from different backgrounds to consider a career in real estate, and we believe that this shift needs to come from the inside.

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We must advocate for our black colleagues if lasting and meaningful change is going to happen
Ayo Ajayi, Director in Project & Building Consultancy for Colliers International

As a black male who grew up in a diverse community in inner-city London, coming to work in the construction and property industry, there were no role models in leadership positions that looked like me. In my early career I faced incidents of overt racism. I was, and still am, often the only black person in the room, but the more senior I have become, the more covert the racism has become. I have had to learn how to respond to this whilst also concentrating on being excellent at my job.

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