There is a disconnect in real estate between what companies say they are doing around gender balance in the work place and what is actually happening that needs to change, according to delegates at the MIPIM Woman Of Influence Networking Cocktail event on the 14th of March 2017.

Elisabeth Teo-Pennell, Managing Director of PGIM Real Estate, said it was important for women to get together and force change. Addressing those at the event she said: “Even though there are more of us, just getting on the plane this morning showed me how few women there are in this industry, particularly at leadership level.” Teo-Pennell unveiled the results of a survey of 40 companies and more than 380 respondents looking at gender balance in real estate and what can be done to bring about change. The report was produced by Real Estate Balance – an association of men and women across different industries who are trying to address the issue.

The survey showed that while 35% of men felt that their company dealt “extremely well” with gender issues only 11% of women agreed.

“The biggest disparity is that women can make it so far but to get further seems to be a struggle. Key reasons for this are a limited turnover of senior representatives, inflexible working hours and a lack of role models in the industry.” She said.

The report unveils a 10 – point plan to bring about change which she urged women to instigate in their companies. “That way we are not just talking about it but are doing something about it. Cultural change is key to improving diversity and businesses need to commit to making it happen,” she said.

Article from the ‘MIPIM News’ | Photography copyright Reed MIDEM