News / 01.06.2022

Gradfeed connects students to industry opportunities

Gradfeed’s mission is to democratise student job opportunity across the Real Estate & Built Environment and to make young people and the next generation more aware of the different opportunities that exist within a variety of employers across the industry.

Like Real Estate Balance, Gradfeed want to see a better gender balance and more diverse workforce across all levels in the property industry, and believe that a bottom up approach can help to achieve this goal.

So, how does it work?

Relevant cognate and non-cognate students can login to Gradfeed at no cost, upload their CV or create a CV via Gradfeed CV generator, cover letters, and create an online personal profile which includes :

  • University
  • Course Title
  • Type of desired employment e.g summer internship, work experience, placement years and full time/graduate scheme/opportunities
  • Graduation Year
  • Media upload
  • Optional Personality Questions

Employers recreate their careers section within the platform and review and hire students directly with an annual cost-effective membership subscription and can:

  • Benefit from 12-month marketing brand exposure to a relevant student audience to help build brand for now and for the future
  • Post student-focussed content including videos, graduate brochures, testimonials, office locations
  • Post job opportunities suitable for undergraduates and recent graduates by location
  • Post articles of interest and links to social media content with automatic pull- through from existing company social pages for brand alignment
  • Utilise the Gradfeed ATS or direct students to your internal business ATS

Gradfeed’s current student reach is an inclusive and diverse student base from 65+ UK Universities. The students are a mix of 1st years through to Finalists so Employers can really benefit from marketing and building their brand in the eyes of these students earlier on in their university career. This strategy will help develop the next diverse and inclusive generation of men and women who will eventually go on to fill senior executive and board positions across the industry.

“We want students to start thinking about their career routes earlier on in their university journey and to consider the type of employers they want to work for. They can research businesses all year round and can make decisions on who they want to spend their time applying to-the way students are discovering opportunity is changing and it’s imperative the industry keeps up to make sure they are marketing themselves throughout the prominent channels”

Gerard McVeigh, Co-Founder

How can our REB members get involved?

As a result of these clear shared goals, Gradfeed are delighted to be able to offer all Real Estate Balance members 50% all Gradfeed services ranging from job posting to setting up a Featured Employer page.

To take advantage of this offer; enter ‘50%off’ in the ‘Discount Code’ box when Posting a job or when building your Featured Employer package

“Gradfeed’s aim is to improve visibility of the opportunities that exist within the industry. Like Real Estate Balance, we believe in inspiring the next generation of diverse students and helping support them into what is still a relatively hidden industry”

Robert Hall, Co-Founder