Member Focus: MAPP


Property management is undergoing fundamental change. It had to and that was even before Coronavirus blew through.

Major headwinds are shaping this change. Digital solutions to work smarter or communicate better with customers requires new skills. The industry is learning to turn buildings into places people love, because these are the ones where businesses will stay. And as lease lengths shorten, or retailers respond to accelerated change, never has customer insight and managing the customer mattered more. These are new skills which the industry and property owners are learning.

The world of the managing agent has typically orbited around chartered surveyors, accountants and facilities managers. The Chartered Surveyor has been a great generalist with admirable bandwidth. He or she will almost certainly have taken the same technical route, often sharing the same demographic and career paths, and is largely ill-equipped to offer these new, essential, skills.

As a specialist managing agent, our size, client base and culture enables us to be that little bit different. In the last 18 months, our growth has been fuelled by new hires of guest experience managers, data analysts, customer experience specialists, events and enlivenment managers and social media managers. Diverse skills are reshaping our direction, powered by people who have swapped hospitality, retail, theatre and travel industries for a career with us in real estate. We have felt the difference, been able to recruit more widely and admired their help in challenging the old ways.

It’s changing our service across our buildings, changing the narrative of conversations with clients and forcing us to rethink how we recruit, promote and retain. But fundamentally it feels right, is doing good things for our bottom line and is bringing a new diverse group of individuals into real estate.