Migrant Leaders

News / 15.04.2021

Do you wish to share your career experience and expertise by mentoring talented young people?

I have spent 23 years in senior leadership roles in GE, News Corp and EY and in my personal time I launched the registered charity Migrant Leaders 3 years ago. The aim of our professional development programme is to support young 1st and 2nd generation migrants as well as all disadvantaged youths and to help them succeed in Britain. The programme is free and applicants are between 16 and 25 years old, 96% BAME, and they gain mentoring, workshops, work experiences and connections. We now have 600 senior mentors from more than 95 FTSE100 and leading firms. We are also proud to share inspirational videos illustrating the impact of our corporate partnerships on the deserving young people we support. Examples include: Anglo American, Smith & Nephew, Kantar. You will find our latest impact report here: Impact Report. If you are potentially interested in a volunteer mentoring role with our charity, please contact Elham Fardad by emailing efardad@migrantleaders.org.uk, including your LinkedIn profile.

Elham Fardad
Founder & CEO
Migrant Leaders