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Diversity & Inclusion has become the foremost social justice issue of our time. We believe a progressive and sustainable society is only possible, if all demographics can become both stakeholders and beneficiaries, regardless of race, gender or religious belief.

BBI is the first Black Business Institute in the UK and with the support of a powerful advisory board, aims to become Europe’s most significant.

Our objective is to challenge social injustice through progressive and inclusive economics. BBI believes, a thriving business culture producing dynamic entrepreneurs, is central to a buoyant successful community.

For historical reasons, the challenges facing Black and some Asian communities are complex and varied, requiring a sophisticated response, offered by a business institute.

The system of slavery and later colonisation, has impacted on BAME communities globally, consistently removing the building blocks of intergenerational wealth over five centuries. From the 1480s, various European Colonial powers were heavily involved in slaving, with the transatlantic slave trade of the 1800s, growing the practice to industrial levels. Championed by William Wilberforce and his associates, in 1833 Britain finally abolished slavery. As part of that process the British Government borrowed the equivalent of £300bn from Reformer and Banker, Nathan Rothschild. The loan was used to collectively compensate former slave owners, creating a new class of landed gentry. Slaves were not compensated.

Until the 2008 financial crisis, the £300bn loan was the largest in history and was eventually repaid by the British Government in 2015, underpinning how current these issues remain. Those helping to repay the loan included, former slaves and their direct descendants making contributions in their tax payments.

As further evidence as to the relevance of this period, the last transatlantic slave Sylvester Magee died in 1971, meaning first generation descendants of slaves are alive today.

The devastating effects of colonialism and the practice of slavery has left a lasting legacy which directly relates to current social injustice issues and contributes to many underlying structural and systemic barriers. Left unresolved, impacted demographics face inequities, which cause frustrations and lead to the unrest and turmoil being experienced in the UK, USA, Africa and across Europe.

This requires a bold response, with intellectual well considered strategies offered by the likes of BBI, constructively focussing on the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

BBI is a positive organisation, referencing history for context only and absolutely focussed on contributing to an inclusive optimistic future. The aim is to achieve racial equity, by applying progressive and inclusive economics to liberate the BAME talent pool, which has a significant cultural and commercial value, in recent UK Government reports, valued at £24bn+ per annum.

Through incentivisation and partnership, we intend to attract funding from institutions, corporations, global brands, charities and government bodies. Contributions will provide business seed and growth capital, fund active and practical diversity and inclusion programmes, to achieve better boardroom representation, promote entrepreneurialism and support direct impact educational strategies. Such as BBI 100 ‘It Starts With Education’.

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