Real Estate Balance Survey


In 2016 we launched our first survey assessing the current gender balance across the real estate industry and the blocks to improving the numbers of women in senior posts which produced many illuminating results. With two years having passed, we are now launching our second industry survey.

This is made up of two surveys, as previously, which Real Estate Balance is requesting you complete on behalf of your company. This will enable us to gather the data and work together to gain an understanding of the current gender balance position in the industry and achieve our vision of 33% women in leadership positions by 2020 and ultimately 50% representation. 

Two surveys to complete

1. The Company survey. To be completed by yourself about your company or the property division within your company with UK-specific responses about UK-specific employees (only one response per organisation). The Company survey

2. The Employee survey. Please forward to as many men and women as possible, at all levels in your company or the property division within your company, to complete. Respondents should be UK based. The Employee survey

Please complete both surveys by Friday 28 September 2018.  It should take no more than ten minutes to complete the Company survey and even less time for your colleagues completing the Employee survey.   

All information will remain strictly anonymous and will not be attributed to any individual or company.  The anonymous data is being collected and analysed for us by Grosvenor and we are very grateful for their support.  

We will provide a global report drawn from all responses to enable us to understand the current state of affairs in the industry and to enable you to benchmark your corporate response against the industry as a whole.

Why we are running this survey 

We need to track progress year-on-year in the industry to achieve our vision. Real Estate Balance’s vision is to see women represent 33% of the senior leadership positions in real estate by 2020, and ultimately to 50% representation.  One of our key objectives in achieving this vision is to promote, share and encourage gender diversity best practice across our sector, which this survey helps us do.

We started conducting these surveys in 2016. A report entitled 'The power of real balance' was published in 2017 to encourage best practice.


Your contribution to these surveys is vital in driving us all towards our vision. We are delighted that the BPF is also helping us extend our reach by publicising these surveys to their membership base.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Jo Luxton, our Administrator at