Real Estate Balance Toolkit Spotlight: Enabling talent to grow


Enabling talent to grow

Ronan O'Neill, Associate with Hines and NextGen Committee member, provides this months Toolkit Spotlight.

The Real Estate Balance Toolkit aims to provide UK real estate organisations with best practice advice and practical takeaways for delivering and maintaining a diverse workforce.

This month, we are highlighting our toolkit guidance on what businesses can be doing for enabling talent to grow within their organisations. There is a general consensus within the real estate industry that more needs to be done to by businesses to support their current workforce to ensure that the best talent is retained within the sector.

We highlight how, as an organisation they should have retaining talent as a top business priority and have processes in place to allow for career progression. The toolkit points to 8 measures that a business can look to have in place to make sure people aren’t leaving the sector for better opportunities. A failure to implement some of these initiatives could results in businesses losing their most talented employees

Further, the Toolkit provides access to guides for companies detailing information on the advantages of mentorship programmes along with additional resources which can be used for maintaining a diverse sector.