Real Estate Balance Toolkit - Spotlight on demonstrating commitment


Demonstrating commitment

The Real Estate Balance Toolkit aims to provide UK real estate organisations with best practice advice and practical takeaways for delivering and maintaining a diverse workforce.

This month, we are highlighting our Toolkit guidance on how business leaders can be demonstrating commitment to driving actionable change within their organisations. We highlight how, having aligned as a senior team, strategic direction should be delivered from the top to ensure that all levels within the organisation, in addition to external partners your business works with, recognise diversity as a key business priority.

The Toolkit points to the REB 10 Point Project Plan which details specific initiatives your organisation can take and success measures that can be used to ensure continued progress on the diversity initiatives you have implemented. In addition, the Toolkit emphasises REB’s CEO Commitments for Diversity, which highlights the commitments made by over 90 senior leaders to proactively demonstrate their involvement in driving the property industry to become more diverse and inclusive. Importantly, this includes a commitment to gather data, track and report on progress and use this data to inform your priorities.

Further, the Toolkit provides access to guides detailing some solutions in delivering supplier diversity and two examples of Supplier Code of Conduct. These materials prompt a consideration of diversity within your supply chain, encouraging enquiries about the D&I policies of the organisations your partner with, in order to review how these align with your active initiatives.

There are a host of additional resources within the Toolkit which can be used to help shape the actions you take to demonstrate your commitment to building and maintaining a diverse working environment.