Real Estate Balance Toolkit - Spotlight on everyday actions for inclusivity


Everyday actions for inclusivity

Charlotte Dawidek, Surveyor for JLL and NextGen Committee co-chair, provides this month's Toolkit spotlight. 

The Real Estate Balance Toolkit offers practical guidance and information on some of the best advice and good practice already available, not just from our own sector but from the wider business community. Our aim is to give you the tools to make yours a better balanced business and diverse workplace.

This month we are highlighting the practical guidance and advice on everyday actions for inclusivity in our Toolkit. I personally believe that the only way we will improve diversity and inclusion in our sector is by changing our culture. I agree that to promote inclusivity, employers and employees need to embed practices that help it become a norm on a daily basis. This means taking actions such as structuring training sessions in a way that gives everyone a chance to take part or supporting inclusive behaviours with role models, calling out, rewards and aligning men in gender initiatives.

The Toolkit shines a light on the ‘Women Collaborating with Men: Everyday Workplace Inclusion’ (2019) report which reveals that according to three in four women and two in five men, UK workplace culture stalls women’s careers. The report’s key recommendations include things like appointing and training managers to be inclusion advocates and give advice about how to deal with inappropriate comments or behaviour (p. 54). As well as sharing with people the language and tactics to use to call out everyday gender bias, to make assessments gender neutral and run inclusive meetings (pp. 42-47).