Real Estate Balance Toolkit - Spotlight on understanding the business case


Understanding the business case

The Real Estate Balance Toolkit aims to support UK real estate organisations navigate their way to gender diversity, offering practical guidance and information on the best advice from the sector. The aim of this it to provide businesses in real estate with the correct tools for a diverse workplace.

This month, we will be highlighting the guidance on understanding the business case. Understanding the business case is the very first step in the process of achieving gender diversity, and without this fundamental knowledge, businesses may not understand the benefits that a fully diverse and inclusive workforce can bring. Our Toolkit provides the key statistic from a McKinsey 2018 study, that gender diverse businesses outperform others in their sector by 21%.

The toolkit provides access to research, surveys and reports on the proven evidence supporting the business case for gender diversity. For example, The CBI 2016 Report: Time for Action – The Business Case for Inclusive Workplaces, which can be found within the Toolkit, states that studies have found that employees are 83% more likely to innovate and more than twice as engaged in workplaces that are both diverse and inclusive. So, the business case is clear. Diverse and inclusive workforces enable innovation and enhance business decisions and corporate governance, and our toolkit provides ample evidence and succinct guidance on framing the business case for gender diversity.