Real Estate Balance Toolkit - Spotlight on Widening your talent pool


The Real Estate Balance Toolkit seeks to support and equip organisations in the UK real estate industry with best practice advice for delivering a diverse workforce.

This month, we are highlighting our guidance and advice on widening your talent pool. There is a consensus within the real estate industry that more needs to be done to broaden the pool of talent in order to create a more diverse working community.

This toolkit comprises ways to do this and focuses on advising on changes to the existing channels of recruitment to deliver better outcomes. This includes but not limited to; expanding the sources of recruiting talent to encompass more niche outlets, creating diversity standards with recruitment partners, offering work experience to a broad range of people and ensuring gender-neutral language in role advertisements.

We have seen initiatives such as Pathways to Property demonstrate a strong appetite to raise awareness and aspirations about the vast range of careers available within the industry among individuals with varied backgrounds. Through the set up of summer school programs, online courses and the arranging of work experience, they have attracted new talent into the industry who might have otherwise overlooked the array of opportunities which exist in Property. This represents a prime example of the type of initiatives that will achieve similar results if adopted at company-level.

Our toolkit provides additional resources for your perusal, which will help frame your understanding and shape your commitment to building diverse working communities.