Real Estate Balance Toolkit Spotlight: Spotlight on Banishing Bias


Banishing bias

The Real Estate Balance Toolkit offers practical guidance and information on some of the best advice and good practice to support your efforts in creating a balanced and diverse workplace.

Accepting that we all have unconscious biases and taking steps to recognise and overcome them is critical to hiring, retaining and promoting a diverse workforce. The toolkit provides 8 things to consider to address bias including: having a clear policy and culture that encourages people to speak out about bias and discrimination; training and supporting employees to recognise bias; and being accountable – when bias is identified ensure it is investigated and acted on.

There are also links to research, studies and reports such as the Research on Fixing the Flawed Approach to Diversity which investigates why, despite the effort companies have put into diversity, progress has been slow and specific solutions companies can implement to accelerate their progress on diversity.

Carolyn Milligan
Senior Associate at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP and NextGen Committee co-chair