Sectors Demystified: Artificial Intelligence


Sectors Demystified: Artificial Intelligence - Presentation by Ian Edwards and Kimberly Wells of Bird & Bird on 6th December 2018

Real Estate Balance Sectors Demystified: Artificial Intelligence

Partner Ian Edwards and Associate Kimberly Wells from TwoBirds' Tier 1 ranked IT and Telecommunications team, presented a session on AI as part of our  "Sectors Demystified" series at 12 New Fetter Lane, London on Thursday 6th December 2018. The session was well attended by women and men from a variety of member organisations of Real Estate Balance, including surveyors, property managers and property investors.
Ian and Kimberly talked about the evolution of AI and the opportunities it presents to the modern business – but also the challenges, not least in terms of the use and collection of the data that underpins the functionality of AI, especially in the light of the GDPR and some of the challenges around establishing and apportioning liability if and when AI goes wrong.
Ian also touched on the hot topic of the entrenched and often hidden gender bias that underpins much of the AI that is being used and developed today and the need for business to be aware of this in the programmes it commissions.
The session delivered useful and fascinating insights into the field of AI which is of ever-increasing relevance in the everyday lives of us all.