Sectors Demystified: Real Estate Private Equity Investment– A Global Overview


The latest in our “Sectors Demystified’ series was held on Wednesday 1 May 2019 at the offices of CBRE Global Investors.

Our ‘Sectors Demystified’ events provide an introduction to a particular area of real estate from experts in the field. “Real Estate Private Equity Investment – A Global Overview” focussed on the growth of the real estate private equity market as an asset class and address global investment trends as well as the changing landscape of investor sentiment.

Ian Gleeson and Elisabeth Teo-Pennell are experienced investment management professionals who have been actively involved in the evolution of the real estate private equity market. Over a light breakfast they discussed the way that the market has developed and how the relationship between investment managers and investors drives capital into the real estate private equity industry.

Strong global capital flows and the search for yield and stability has driven record amounts of capital into real estate private equity as an asset class. With real estate markets at late-stage and the economic-political backdrop uncertain, Ian and Elisabeth discussed key investment trends - geography, sectors, risk profile and structures - and how investment managers and investors are investing in an increasingly competitive and challenging investment world.

We would like to thank CBRE Global Investors for their generous hosting of the event.