Is kindness the new business imperative?

Seminar / 17 August 2020
People on a zoom call

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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that kindness highlights courage and strength. Kindness is linked to health and well-being, productivity and a sense of belonging. Organisations are taking kindness seriously and viewing it as a new business imperative involving the way we design spaces, manage and support those places on a day to day basis and how corporate culture fosters kindness.

Ceylan Belek Ombregt, Partner, Martha Schwartz Partners​
Gurvinder Khurana, Director and Co-founder, align
Neil Impiazzi, Partnerships Director, SEGRO
Jessica Rentzos-van Rozen, Director of Real Estate EMEA, GSK
Ginny Gibson (Moderator), Professor Emerita, Henley Business School Reading University and CREW UK Board Member

In this webinar the panel discussed:

  • How we design spaces to create kindness
  • How we manage and support those places
  • How we create a corporate culture which fosters kindness