Announcing our support for the campaign to tackle gender inequality in construction

News / 15.06.2021

The REbuild Project

Real Estate Balance is proud to support The REbuild Project, a campaign calling for a shakeup in construction to address the industry’s appalling track record on gender.

The REbuild Project aims to directly impact the lives of women working in construction by highlighting ‘the 3 Rs’:

  • REpresentation – increasing the % of women joining the industry at all levels
  • REcognition – improving the % of women holding board-level and senior positions
  • REmuneration – addressing pay differentials and closing the gender pay gap

The campaign is arguing that gender equality is not a business priority for the construction industry, partly because it is not embedded in the procurement process, and without the intervention of government and procurers, gender will remain a ‘box ticking’ exercise.

The REbuild Project is committed to ambitious targets it wants the construction industry to aim for:

  • women holding 30% of executive board directorships by 2025
  • women taking up 50% of entry level positions in construction by 2025
  • women representing 50% of positions in executive teams by 2030
  • Reduce the gender pay gap to zero by 2035

The REbuild Project believes these targets are not only achievable but essential if construction wants to be a modern, thriving industry that leads the world, rather than lagging behind.

Amanda Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of Amey, and Mandy Willis, Group Board Director of Corporate Strategy at Mace, are the Co-Chairs of The REbuild Project.

Visit The REbuild Project website to find out how your organisation can support this campaign to tackle gender inequality in construction.