EG Comment: Is diversity key to managing business in a crisis

News / 25.04.2020
Sue Brown

In this column for EG, our new managing director Sue Brown reflects on her first month in post and how the coronavirus outbreak has forced many businesses to adopt crisis mode. She makes a compelling case for not letting Covid-19 undermine the progress made on diversity and inclusion. In the article, she reflects on how different organisations are experiencing the pandemic and how companies that are already heavily invested in D&I have been able to respond more quickly and are consequently doing better than some others.

The businesses handling the crisis well are possibly also benefitting from a diverse workforce that encompasses a wider range of life experiences and skills. The property sector, perhaps more than most, has been guilty of hiring from a narrow pool of talent for too long, sustaining its traditional image particularly at c-suite level. The companies that have addressed D&I in their leadership are more likely to have people with the communication skills and empathy that are necessary to manage their teams through this crisis. These used to be called “soft skills” but they are coming into their own now and shrewd companies will be measuring and testing outputs throughout the lockdown to see which of their individuals and teams are coping best."

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