Real change starts with oneself. A different proposal to bring about balance by Begoña Fernandez

News / 17.03.2024

This month we celebrated International Women’s day and ‘Mothering’ day in the UK.

I can’t think of a better time to share my own experience of bringing about balance, not only in the corporate place but in all areas of my life, and a proposal for you to do the same, should you wish to do so.

I grew up in Spain in the 1970s. I am the third of five women. My dad passed away when I was rather young. My mum brought us up to be financially independent, to have a career, to make our own choices, which was quite advanced for her time.

Nothing wrong with that. Not unless you develop a subconscious belief that your self-worth depends upon your ability to succeed in those areas, which is what happened to me. I just didn’t know then.

So off I went.

I obtained a Master’s degree in Architecture in Spain, an MBA, relocated to the UK, climbed the corporate ladder and did my own thing. I was obsessed with doing and achieving unaware of its impact on my work and personal choices. I believed my success depended on belonging and becoming ‘one of them’.

The higher the better, yet oblivious of the fact that little by little I was disconnecting from whom I really was at my core, a woman, or what mattered to me. I was behaving like a man, showing up like a man.

Achievements were never enough, my goal post kept moving creating a sense of failure, not to talk about perfectionism and an imposter syndrome. Deep down I felt resentful as my ability to influence was close to none.


Until I started working on myself. Until I started looking inwards instead of outwards. Until I really connected with my true essence and learned to love it. All of it warts and all.
I became aware of what I was doing and how I was doing it. I became aware of my emotions and the impact on me and others. I became aware of my beliefs and where I was self-sabotaging and, most importantly, I learned to recognise it in others.

And then magic happened.

People wanted to be close to me. I was invited to leadership meetings. People trusted me. They wanted to hear what I had to say. My proposals were accepted. I became influential with no effort.

I was just being me. And that felt liberating.

So that is how I started bringing about balance both at work and at home. Bringing my whole self. Being true to who I was meant to be. Becoming Me.

And from that space, to help other women to do the same and make an impact together.

We are living unprecedented times. Times of uncertainty and confusion. The world is changing at pace. A new future is being shaped and this future needs all of us.

Younger generations are expecting leaders to be more approachable. To be authentic. And in my experience, us women are better at that.

We also need new ways to lead and be led. We need new ways to live and work - we want to focus on the greater good, on our mental health and that of our families and we need our counterparts to be present there too.

We are in the midst of a paradigm change and women are key agents of this change. And for that we need to be ready. We need to be willing. We need to be seen and heard.

It’s time to overcome our fears and do the work. It’s time to acknowledge, embrace and activate our gifts and step into our power. It’s time to break down those invisible barriers that stop us, hinder us, and keeps us playing small.

I believe the time for women is now.

We are creative, we are intuitive, we are nurturing and collaborative. We are also smart, capable, fun and fierce when it comes to defending what matters to us. We are different and different is what is needed right now to bring about the change the world needs to be a better place.

We are in touch with our emotions and we now know how to get wisdom from them. We are not afraid of change, if anything we are all about change. We are used to the pain of change and we know that amazing things come out on the other side of pain. We know it well.

We show that vulnerability and authenticity are what makes us strong. In admitting to our weaknesses we are strong. We have proven that time after time.

We have to role model the change, starting with ourselves. Isn’t that what we have always done? When it comes to our children, our partners, those close to us. We create ripple effects.
We do it in a different way.

And that is what makes me passionate about the work I do and the change we can achieve together, helping other women like you reclaim who you are, playing to your strengths, adding value because of what makes you a woman and leading like a woman with confidence, ease and in a way that works for you, so you don’t burnout.

This is my proposal to work with you should you wish to accept it.

Why me?

Because like you I developed my career in a male-dominated industry and know very well how it feels. Because I am a mother, perhaps like you, who have had to consider my priorities, realign my career ambitions and influence change.

Because I have been involved in many internal and industry initiatives whilst working in the corporate world and know what is like from within. Because I have a gift to identify and unleash potential breaking down the barriers and track record of doing so.

We might not see the changes we desire in this generation but we can certainly lay the foundations for the generations to come.

If any of this resonates with you or you are curious please get in touch and let’s explore how we can work together

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Begoña’s Bio

Begoña is Director and founder of Living from the Heart, a company that offers leadership skills through self-awareness coaching and mentoring programmes for women in construction and real estate.

With over 20 years of corporate experience in Spain, Portugal, and England, she combines traditional coaching tools with other less conventional tools to help professional women reconnect with their heart’s desires, feel whole and get the clarity and courage to maximise their potential and make an impact on their terms.

She also provides training and mentoring based on her own journey of transformation and radical self-love.

Begoña started her career in Spain and Portugal as a project manager. She relocated to the UK 20 years ago as a consultant in the construction industry becoming a trusted advisor to her clients.

She developed a second career in people whilst progressing up the career ladder helping others succeed focusing on human behaviours, psychology and trauma which she found useful when coaching others outside and inside her place of work.

She is passionate about women, equality and women development and has been an exec member of gender networks and people boards.

After two years managing her corporate role and her business, she decided to embrace her ultimate challenge and continue on her own.

Begona has helped many women with different challenges both inside and outside work. She is very creative and loves challenges and you can feel her energy and her passion for what she is known for in all her contributions.

A frustrated artist and yet to become a stand-up comedian, Begoña spends her time amongst London, Sardinia and Madrid with her son and her Italian husband.