It’s good doing business with you: guidance on approaching EDI with partners

Report / 03 June 2024

More than 125 CEOs and senior real estate leaders have signed up to the Real Estate Balance 10 CEO Commitments, including ‘encourage EDI throughout your organisation’s business relationships’.

We believe organisations can leverage their relationships with not just suppliers but with their wider business partners to share their values when it comes to equity, diversity and inclusion, and contribute to progressive professional practices being adopted throughout the UK real estate industry.

But how can we do this in a way which is beyond box ticking, beneficial for everyone and makes the most impact?

This was the question we tasked our Policy and Campaigns Committee and a working group comprising individuals from Real Estate Balance members with answering. We then widened out our knowledge base by hosting a roundtable attended by representatives from other members.

We hope our new guidance note on approaching EDI with partners goes someway to answering the question, and that it provides food for thought for our members and is useful for our industry.

It covers steps including highlighting your own commitment to EDI, the business but also social and moral cases for EDI, laying out expectations, the importance of diversity but not forgetting inclusion and how to measure where you and others are on your EDI journeys.


Click here to download the guidance now!