Industry Partners

Our Network of Networks brings together a diverse group of organisations active in diversity and inclusion in real estate and associated industries. The aim is to share best practice, pool ideas and support each other’s campaigns.

The network helps amplify the voices calling for change within real estate, ensures better support for underrepresented groups, and provides space for members to collectively explore and answer questions such as:

  • What does an inclusive industry look like and how can we serve this vision?
  • How can we nurture young real estate professionals to ensure a more diverse talent pipeline?
  • How can we keep the issue of diversity and inclusion at the top of the agenda?
  • How can we ensure that previously underrepresented groups and voices are heard?

The network meets three times a year to share experiences, information and best practice. It also holds regular events and facilitates small networking groups to enable new people and organisations to meet and learn from each other. Members are encouraged to share diversity and inclusion resources, publicise their events and activities, and co-create new content together such as training around language, definitions and policies.

Who's in the Network

The network is open to new members and currently includes:


Real Estate Balance enjoys working closely with the network’s promotional group members, which includes CREWBPFChanging the Face of Property and RE:WOMEN, to publicise and advance the aims and activities of the group.

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