Public Voices Fellowship on Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls

News / 14.03.2022

Equality Now has launched a partnership with The OpEd Project and Equality Now Advisor Ann MacDougall called the Public Voices Fellowship on Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls. This Fellowship is part of The OpEd Project's Public Voices initiative to change who writes history, and Equality Now’s mission to create a just world for all women and girls. It will take the form of twenty diverse people coming together for a year-long mentoring program to develop and articulate their ideas on how to make a more gender equal world.

The OpEd Project is a social venture and leadership organization founded to change who writes history. People who have taken part in the Fellowships that they run have had their work published in international news outlets, books, podcasts, radio shows, and many other mainstream media. They've recently had a similar successful partnership with Yale University on the issue of Climate Change. 

Why are we launching this fellowship?

At the current rate of change, the global gender gap will not close for another century. In many regions, reactionary forces seek to roll back legal rights for women and girls, and the gendered impact of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how fragile and tentative hard-won progress can be. To defend and strengthen women’s rights, the world needs new ideas from a diversity of individuals who have fresh perspectives and solutions needed to accelerate gender equality. This is truly open to anyone!

Would you like to be part of it?
Applications are now open. Fellows will receive a year-long program of training and mentoring to elevate their ideas and articulate them in various media formats. You'll need to commit to around four full days of workshops staggered throughout the year, and the preparation and thinking time in-between. All workshops will be provided free of charge, and shall be held virtually so participants can join online from anywhere. Each participant will produce tangible pieces of thought leadership in influential forums (which may include op-eds, TED talks, radio/TV appearances, speeches, Wikipedia entries, and more). We welcome people with any level of experience!

The basics you need to know

  • A one-year program
  • Four interactive seminars designed to expand thinking and amplify expertise
  • Dedicated Editors provide one-on-one editing and coaching
  • Monthly calls with media insiders (including TED, NYT, CNN, Wikipedia)
  • Production of a minimum of two op-ed essays

Fellows will represent a wide diversity of backgrounds and specialisms, and we are looking for individuals coming from a place of expertise or unique personal experience.

The deadline for applications is 21st March 2022. Full details of the fellowship are on our website