CEO Commitments on Diversity

Project / 26 February 2021

The CEO Commitments on Diversity are the start of an important journey, one that Real Estate Balance wants to invite you on. Over 90 senior industry leaders have now signed up already but with even greater support, we can ensure that property is an inclusive, diverse industry where women are supported and encouraged to aim for the top.

CEO Commitments on Diversity

  1. Visibly demonstrate the business case for diversity and promote your commitment within your business.
    Note: e.g. publish the CEO Commitments within your own organisation.
  1. Gather your diversity data, track and report your progress, using your data to guide your priorities.
    Note: e.g. publicise your progress /  commitments through your website / report on gender and ethnicity pay.
  1. Change mindsets by challenging bias/discrimination wherever you see it and licence others to do so.
    Note: e.g. commit to inclusivity & unconscious bias training using a range of platforms from face to face to online, with measurable outcomes.
  1. Insist on diversity for recruitment or promotion decisions you're involved with, including on panels and in shortlists.
    Note: e.g. consider interviewers from across different business areas to ensure diversity of questioning and ‘blind CVs.’

  2. Use promotional opportunities for your company to represent a diverse image Note: e.g. draw employees from a diverse pool for promotional material / events / pitches / training courses.

  3. Speak on panels only where organisers commit to have a panel diversified by gender and ethnicity. 
    Note: Women Talk Real Estate (WTRE) has a directory of women speakers and Black Professionals in Construction (BPiC) has a directory of ethnically diverse speakers.

  4. Adopt a balanced and diversified approach to sponsorship, i.e. both gender and ethnicity.
  1. Consider actions to influence your supply chain. 
    Note: e.g. enquire about D&I policies and performance when tendering or insist on diverse client teams.
  1. Personally engage with the diverse range of the workforce in your business in order to broaden your perspective.
  1. Promote D&I in any groups you are members of and share good practice.