Member Focus: Bird & Bird

Member Focus / 14 July 2022

Bird & Bird’s Neurodiversity Network - 'Neuro Network' - was launched in January 2022.

The intention of the network is to celebrate diverse minds and all ways of thinking, to raise awareness and to facilitate a better understanding of neurodiversity in the workplace.

Neurodiversity is an umbrella term to celebrate the diversity of human brains.

Celebrated under the banner of neurodiversity in the workplace are profiles you may have heard of - such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Neurodivergent people can bring unique abilities and qualities to the workplace, but also face particular challenges and can feel unsupported.

Bird & Bird want to change that, and to make sure that, as a firm, they provide an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

The network welcomes anyone who is neurodivergent, whether diagnosed, self-diagnosed or undiagnosed with a neurodiverse profile and people who want to learn more about how to support neurodivergent colleagues, family members and friends.