Our new strategic framework

News / 13.07.2021

Real Estate Balance has published a new strategic framework for 2021-23, setting out our purpose, priorities and an action plan detailing how we will deliver change over the next 3 years.

The framework outlines the four key strands of our strategy for 2021-23:

  1. Focus on Leadership
    We will maintain and enhance our partnership with industry leaders and influencers (CEOs and senior leadership teams) to support them in driving cultural change within their companies.
  2. Focus on Best Practice
    We will expand our efforts to work with other tiers of management, supporting them in D&I initiatives and helping them improve the pipeline of talent by identifying best practice that can then be shared across our membership.
  3. Focus on Opportunity
    We will support, empower and learn from the younger people in our industry and create an improved supply of new talent, working primarily through our NextGen Committee.
  4. Focus on Collaboration
    We will work closely with other campaigning organisations, sharing knowledge and pooling resources, to encourage and embed other aspects of D&I, as well as gender.

The framework includes 8 targets which detail how we will deliver change in 2021-23 and the methods, tools and tactics we will use to achieve these targets – including a programme of events, PR and digital media; our toolkit and biennial survey; and a drive to increase our corporate membership.

Real Estate Balance is a campaigning and membership organisation comprising many different types of businesses, both large and small, from across the real estate sector. We aim to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) in real estate so that the industry better reflects the society it serves. We want to inspire better D&I and support companies in their efforts to change outdated cultural practices.

Real Estate Balance facilitates and enables its members to make real progress in achieving a diverse and inclusive culture in their respective organisations, and so contribute to the enhanced performance of the sector as a whole.

Read our new strategic framework here.