Policies alone will not create a gender inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive regardless of their sex. To promote inclusivity, you need to embed practices that help it become the norm on a daily basis.

Equality is essential for inclusion, but equality does not always mean treating everyone the same, it is about taking differences into account in an appropriate way and treating everyone with respect.  Here are some steps to ensure the everyday actions you take are gender inclusive:

  1. Pay people equally for equivalent positions / levels / productivity.
  2. Ensure there is an appropriate gender balance on pitch teams and projects.
  3. Encourage all employees to express their ideas and make meaningful contributions.
  4. Structure training sessions in a way that gives everyone a chance to take part.
  5. Ensure that any benefits or perks you offer are appropriate to and accessible by everyone.
  6. Client events, hospitality and networking opportunities should appeal to everyone.
  7. Develop a language that avoids discrimination (introduce training if necessary).
  8. Give female staff feedback. Feedback is critical for improving performance and although women ask for it as often as men it is given less frequently.
  9. Encourage fathers to take paternity leave, career breaks and time off for school events.
  10. Support inclusive behaviours with role models, calling out, rewards and aligning men in gender initiatives.