Demonstrating commitment

Once you have got buy-in for progressing EDI in your organisation from senior leadership, it is essential to give strategic direction from the top and that means showing at all levels that EDI are strategic business priorities. You could start by following these key steps:

  1. Develop a clear EDI strategy and policy at Board level.
  2. Communicate the strategy and policy in the Business Plan.
  3. Appoint a senior executive (ideally from a business area, not a supporting function) to be responsible for delivering balance in your organisation and encourage EDI champions to have impact at all levels and across all departments.
  4. Apply the Real Estate Balance Good Practice D&I Framework.
  5. Sign up to Real Estate Balance’s 10 CEO Commitments for EDI.
  6. Consider working towards EDI benchmarks and accreditations.
  7. Adopt a balanced and diversified approach to sponsorship.
  8. Pay people equally for equivalent positions/levels/productivity.
  9. Be accountable and report publicly on progress.
  10. Consider linking executive pay to delivery of EDI objectives.