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Leading change

It is said that "what gets measured gets done", and you can set measurable targets to improve EDI. But real change comes with ensuring there is accountability. Changing entrenched attitudes and long-established practices need strong leadership. Here is how to consider going about it:

  1. Be a role model. Set the standards for EFI that you expect everyone else to follow. Go public – for example, don’t accept speaking engagements unless the panel is diverse.
  2. Encourage the senior team to follow your example and become leaders for change.
  3. Engage with line managers and equip them with the tools improve your workplace culture.
  4. Set up mentoring, coaching and training programmes.
  5. Set diversity targets for recruitment and promotion.
  6. Review jobs design, jobs description and recruitment briefs.
  7. Consider actions to influence your supply chain.
  8. Promote EDI in any groups you are member of and share good practice.
  9. Monitor, measure and publish (data, targets, milestones).