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Diversity data

To create a more inclusive and diverse workplace, accurate data is needed to identify areas for appropriate intervention and to be able to measure progress. Knowing the characteristics of your workforce can also help you manage recruitment and retention, identify risk, increase transparency with regulators, your own staff and investors, and make better decisions.

Real Estate Balance and PwC have collaborated to produce an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Data Collection Guidance Note. The insightful guide will help you collect and track data while avoiding practical pitfalls and exceeding legal limitations. Collecting EDI data is not straightforward, but the guide will take you through the whole process:

  1. Identifying scope, key priorities and desired outcomes.
  2. Reviewing the permissibility and risk of your approach.
  3. Conducting a detailed legal analysis.
  4. Selecting your system.
  5. Communicating your objectives to increase engagement.
  6. Analysing your data and reporting.

We also survey our members every two years in the most comprehensive study of diversity and inclusion in the industry. The results help us uncover the realities facing underrepresented groups working in real estate so we can take action to accelerate change. Our NextGen Committee also survey the experiences of under-35s in the industry to gain insights about workplace culture and behaviours and explore real and perceived barriers to entry.  

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